Class 2 forklift for closed stores, with smooth and / or paved surfaces. Ultra operate in narrow aisles (1.74 Mts.) The mast or fork Rotary allow the forklift to stow unturned. The operator can come up with the platform for the load to be handled (Man System Up / Man Up). Units with Down Man / Man Down are operated level and also have Trilateral put to stow without rotating masts. Excellent for closed areas where low emissions are required, there is little ventilation or staff working there. Require an industrial battery (8 hrs cycles of work, 8 hours of charging, 8 hours cooling) and a charger.


  • Class 2
  • Sit down rider
  • Cushion tires
  • Narrow aisles
  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • Fuel: Electric.

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